Road marking


Since its beginnings, road marking has evolved considerably with regard to both road safety and the materials used for the markings.

If we take a close look at this development, API movilidad has pioneered the sector, because of our quality system and the high degree of specialization of our professionals; but also because of our research. In our lab, we have researched, among other issues, the durability of road markings depending on the type of paint applied, dosage, type of road, etc. This has placed us in the leading position within the sector.

The company's presence in the sector is not limited to road marking. Of special importance to us is the long-term maintenance of cities and densely populated areas.

The materials used for making road markings can be classified in four main groups:

• Conventional Paints

• Hot thermoplastic Paints

• Cold-applied Multicomponent Plastics

• Prefabricated materials.



 Re-painting with hot thermoplastic paint



Transfers on roads with temporary paint

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